Video Encoding in your Arreya Subscription Channel

Recent updates that happened on the backend of Arreya regarding videos. Our video encoder was just increased in both available Memory and CPU to boost the speed of our encodings.

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Fastboot Videos

Additionally, we have added a feature to our encoder to play the videos on ‘fastboot’. The fastboot setting on the backend means that it sets the index of the video to the beginning of the file, by default. This setting allows all or most videos to start playing before the Chrome-box or other device needs to cache the video.

Depending on the size of the video, you might see some delays as the video will still need to load into memory to start playing.






Adding Videos to your Arreya Presentation

  1. Upload your Video file to the Media Library (see here)
  2. In your Presentation, click on 
  3. In your “Choose Media” screen, select the Video file you want to add
  4. Move the video to where you are wanting it to appear in your presentation
  5. Modify the picture however you are wanting using the controls on the bottom of the Editor

Adding Audio to your Presentation

  1. Upload your Audio file to the Media Library (see here)
  2. In your Presentation, click on 
  3. In your “Choose Media” screen, select the Audio file you want to add
  4. Modify the options to the player looks how you want it to look on your page and move it to where you want.  (Tip: If you don’t want the player to be visible, change the Opacity to 0%, turn on Loop and Autoplay)
  5. Enjoy your song!

Chrome Device Manual Wireless Configuration

This article will cover manual configuration of a wireless network on a Chrome device, the pictures below show an AOpen Chromebox Mini, but the process for other devices is the same.



If your Chromebox is already powered on, press and hold the power button on the Chromebox to turn it off. The button location may vary depending on the model of Chrome device. Simply unplug the power cord if you’re working with a Chromebit.



Connect a keyboard/mouse to the Chromebox and get prepared to press the key combination: Ctrl + Alt + S. This shortcut will skip Kiosk mode and bring you to the Chrome desktop.


chrome devices


Power on the Chromebox, and press Ctrl + Alt + S when prompted at the white Arreya splash screen. If you do not press the shortcut at the correct time, the Arreya application will not be skipped.

Note: It may help to repeatedly press the shortcut after powering the Chromebox back up, until the Chrome desktop is shown. You have to press all three buttons at the same time.

Do not sign in to the Chrome device!

The first screen that appears when you enter the desktop will either be a login screen or a connection error prompting you to select a network to connect to. If the network selection screen appears, click the dropdown box, select your desired wireless network and enter the password to connect.


If the network selection screen does not appear, click the system tray in the bottom right corner of the screen.


configuration for chrome devices


Click “No network” to display available networks to connect to.


configuration for chrome devices


Click the desired network, a screen will prompt you to input your password. “Allow other users of this device to use this network” should be automatically turned to on.


manual wireless configuration


After successfully connecting to the network, power the Chrome device down with the power button. Power the Chrome device up again and allow the Arreya app to run.


The device should now be connected to the internet.