Setting up private channels and users:

  1. Log in to your Arreya Manager at
  2. Click [Managment] at the top of the screen
  3. Select Channels from the drop-down choices
  4. For the desired channel, click the toggle switch in the Private column to toggle between a Private and Public channel
  5. Click [Managment] then [Users]
  6. Click the [+ New User] button to add a user
  7. Fill in the Name, Email, and Password
  8. Choose the desired role for the new user.  Remember:
    1. Admin has access to everything on the account including billing
    2. Manager has access to everything except billing
    3. Viewer cannot access the manager at all
  9. Be sure to Check the active checkbox
  10. Click the [+ Add User] button
  11. The new user should now appear in the list
  12. Notice under the actions column, the user can be disabled, preventing them from being able to log in at any time
  13. If the user is enabled, the provided email and password will be able to log into your arreya account