Creating Custom Touch Points:

This is for when you want to create a custom button like using a logo or special shape to activate linking pages.


Add the image into your presentation –

  1. Import your image into the Media Gallery

          Tip: It is best to use png file with transparency so you get the cut out effect.

  1. Size and place the image into the position you want


Next, you will need to add the touch point over top of the image –

  1. In the main top menu bar select the touch option
  2. Set your button options you need to the linking page
  3. Delete the button name – leave the field blank
  4. Add the button to the page
  5. An empty box will appear on the screen – remove any style so it is blank
  6. Place and size the touch box over the image – and make it a bit larger


Now when someone touches the custom image they will select the invisible touch box to activate the link to the new page.