Starting in 2017, new Chrome OS devices will not support stand-alone kiosk mode.
Chrome device management is now required for kiosk mode.
Please see instructions here for configuring managed kiosk mode.

Configuring a Chrome device for Stand-alone Kiosk Mode:

Part 1 – Reset Device To Factory Settings

  1. Power device OFF
  2. Connect keyboard and mouse
  3. Insert paper clip in reset hole next to SD card slot (Next to the lock slot, to the left of the SD slot)
  4. While holding the paperclip in, press and release the power button to turn the box on
  5. A screen will appear that says “Chrome OS is missing…”
  6. Release the paperclip
  7. Press CTRL + D
  8. Press and release the reset button once using the paperclip, the box will reboot quickly
  9. A screen will appear that says “OS verification is OFF”
  10. Press CTRL + D.  The Chromebox will reboot and transition to developer mode.  This will clear all data and takes approximately 10 minutes.
  11. After step 10 is complete, press SPACE at the bootup screen, then press ENTER to confirm returning to verified mode.
  12. The device will reboot and enter verified mode.


The device is now reset and you should be at the welcome screen



Part 2 – Login and install kiosk app

  1. Connect keyboard and mouse
  2. Power the device ON
  3. Select your network type (Ethernet or WiFi)
  4. Click [Continue]
  5. Click [Accept and Continue] on the Terms page


  • DO NOT LOG IN – At the login screen press CTRL+ALT+K to enable kiosk mode


  1. Click [Enable]
  2. Click [Ok]
  3. Log in
  4. Open Chrome
  5. Open the URL: chrome://extensions
  6. Check the “Developer Mode” kiosk checkbox
  7. Press [Manage kiosk application]
  8. Enter App ID: nloplhgjobaomjdppnbcdjfgbefifbdo
  9. Hover over the Arreya app in the list and click [Set to auto-launch]
  10. Restart the device
  11. Click [Confirm] to auto-launch Arreya
    !!!DO NOT CHECK ‘Permanently keep this device in kiosk mode’!!!
  12. Restart the device


Part 3 – Pair your device with your Arreya channel

  1. Log in to your Arreya account or create a new Arreya account
  2. Click [Devices]
  3. Click [Add Device]
  4. Enter a name and the 4 digit code shown on your Chromebox display
  5. Click [Add Device!]
  6. Your box will register and automatically show the content.  Your box should show its status as ONLINE in the device page.