Device status is OFFLINE

If your device status is OFFLINE, here are some possible causes and steps to resolve the issue –

  • Reboot the device
  • Try pressing the ‘refresh’ button for the device – From your dashboard, go to Management -> Devices, click [Refresh] next to the device that is offline.  If it returns to online, there may have been a temporary communication issue.
  • If you use Chrome Device Management – Log in to your Admin Console, navigate to the device, and look at the current status.  If the device is online, try capturing a screenshot or rebooting the device.
  • Verify that the internet is up and running – The most common cause of an offline device, is an issue with the internet connection.  Many ‘stable’ connections fluctuate throughout the day/week and you may see this reflected in the online/offline status as sporadic, short periods of offline status.
  • Verify that there is no interference from a Content Filter or Firewall – The second most common cause of an offline device, issues with content not showing, or problems pairing a device come from content filters or firewalls that interrupt communication with Arreya.  Please follow our instructions for content filters and firewalls –
  • Reboot the device


Device keeps displaying a new pairing code

Pairing codes are one-time-use codes to add a device to your account.

If you are having troubles pairing a device and see a new code on the screen repeatedly, here are some possible causes –

  • Unstable internet connection – A new code will be generated each time the device connects.  Try a more stable connection.
  • Content Filtering or Firewall blocking – Content filters and some firewalls can interrupt communications with Arreya, preventing the pairing process from working correctly.  Make sure you have followed the advice in our firewall article –
  • Unsupported device / Configuration errors – Some devices will not store device registration properly, please contact us if you think you are experiencing this issue.  It is also possible to configure some devices to ‘forget’ the registration data on each reboot, make sure you have not changed any settings that may affect this.