YouTube Widget Makes Signage Software Even More Versatile

Arreya Digital Signage Makes Adding Video Easy

Make your digital signage even more interesting and engaging with video. Arreya Digital Signage makes it quick and easy with the YouTube Widget, which allows you to add transparent video footage in the background of your sign, or even livestream a meeting video to employees and students in multiple locations.


It doesn’t take a coding genius to use video in our easy to use video editor. Anyone can make this look like it was done by a pro.

Quick Steps – How to Add YouTube Live Stream To Arreya Digital Signage Display

  1. Log into the Arreya Dashboard
  2. Click [Content] Then [Presentation]
  3. Next to your Presentation click [Edit]
  4. Once in the editor, go to the widget drop down menu and click [YouTube]
  5. Now open a new tab, go to and find the Livestream you wish to add.  Copy the URL at the top.
  6. Go back into the Arreya editor and paste the URL in the YouTube widget dialog box.
    1. Controls will give access to pause, play and skip around to the user.
    2. Autoplay will make the video play when the page is loaded.
    3. Loop will loop the video to play continuously.
  7. Click Create
  8. You should now see a YouTube widget on the screen that you can move and style as needed.

Quick Steps – How to Create a Transparent Video Background On Digital Signs

  1. Select a video in the editor
  2. Click on the paintbrush on the lower right corner of the shape
  3. Under the ‘Basic Style’ tab, drag the ‘Opacity’ slider to the desired level
  4. Click [Ok] to continue


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