The newest employees to join the workforce were raised with easy internet access and are technology-focused from birth. They expect to receive information digitally wherever they are and whenever they want it, through smartphones, computers, tablets and employee digital signage.

The shift to a completely digital and portable communications platform by businesses is an expectation by most of today’s employees. Studies show many employees will stay with a company longer if the employer offers more flexible communication platforms that allow for more collaboration and personalization.  Allowing employees to work from anywhere but collaborate and engage in the company environment everywhere.

And then I found Arreya….

Most of the options I evaluated fell into two categories. They would do everything we needed (and more) but required a background in programming or a PhD to make changes; or were very simple to use but lacked any flexibility or did not have many of the features we wanted to display.

And then I found Arreya….

Arreya met every single one of the requirements we had…..Arreya team members have been responsive, helpful, and a pleasure to work with. For any organization looking for a digital signage solution that is easy enough to be used and maintained by anyone that can use PowerPoint; but powerful enough to provide content that appears to have been professionally customized just for your organization I would highly recommend Arreya.

Jon E., City of Hanahan

Power Tool

There are many digital tools to use for internal and external business communications but of the options, the most powerful tool is company employee digital signage. It’s reach is limitless. No longer limited to a monitor on a wall, digital signage for businesses and corporations can be accessed on any device, including tablets and phones. You can communicate with any group with specific information and even drive visitors to other communication portals.

Employee digital signage for companies can easily personalize communications. Information that was not easily shared such as anniversaries, birthdays, personal achievements, or business goals can be pinpointed at very specific groups of employees, such as call center employees.  Individualization in digital signage communications is key for employee morale and employee engagement in the ever growing global workplace.

Digital signage for businesses literally opens the world for corporate communications.

20 Digital Signage System Requirements for Success

  • Cloud Based
  • Management Options
  • Scalable
  • Easy Design Program
  • Google Integration
  • Real Tech Support
  • Video Integration
  • Touchscreen / Interactive Content
  • Live Viewing
  • Widgets
  • Flexible
  • Scheduling
  • Remote Viewing
  • Full Offline Mode
  • Remote Management
  • Social Media
  • Alert Messaging
  • Media Storage
  • Security
  • Analytics

Infographic: 20 Digital Signage System Requirements for Success

Engaging Employees

As more and more corporations have global workforces, it becomes more important to communicate effectively and consistently across a mass area instantly. Digital signage used for corporate and employee communications simplifies corporate communications and makes sure everyone gets the information they need, when they need it, no matter where they are located. Employees feel a part of the overall corporate community even though they are working from home or around the world. Vital company information is not lost in a pile of paperwork or chains of emails. Digital signage is the perfect platform for instant information and a platform that is similar to other modern technology based digital communications making interaction an unconscious effort.


Business digital signage can easily engage employees and increase their work productivity and overall happiness within their job by focusing on individuals and important information at the moment.

Employees want to be recognized for their impact, they want to be part of a company, not just a number in the system. The youngest employees look to digital communications for interaction, such as social media and digital advertising. Creating a more social experience within employee digital signage will increase engagement and morale among employees. Digital Signage can inform employees of benefits and perks, showing how the company takes care of them. It can highlight benefit enrollment deadlines or announce new incentives.

Digital Signage can spotlight volunteerism and employees charitable contributions or how the company gives back to communities, promoting and inspiring outreach. Arreya digital signage platform can promote events happening throughout the company.

Publish your Arreya channel name on your digital signage so remote or outside employees can access the company Arreya channel through the specialized URL on other devices like phones, computers and tablets. This allows all employees to feel a part of the company culture.


Younger generations are very interested in what the company they work for is doing to meet corporate goals and that they are being treated fairly. Company digital signage can add transparency of corporate information, such as sales goals, and constant feedback on performance helps employees exceed expectations. Achievable goals gives employees incentives and lays out company expectations. Make it even more fun with Internet of Things (IoT) interaction through your Arreya channel. Much like the gratification that comes from slot machines when someone wins, trigger LED lights to flash or music to play when a sales goal is met, or someone signs up.

Companies need to give to their workforce beyond a paycheck. Younger employees want a corporate culture that is engaging everyday. Through digital signage, digitally savy companies can promote incentives and special instant rewards.

Critical Components

The most critical component every company needs to know about digital signage implementation is this – MAKE GREAT CONTENT. Company digital signage is only as good as the content. Many companies make the mistake of passing off content updating and creation to employees that have no idea why the digital signage is important or what the company is trying to achieve with their digital signage. The content quickly becomes dated, ugly and not engaging. Many companies discontinue digital signage platforms within the first year. They go back to old communication platforms. They waste time and money printing and emailing to their employees unwanted and unread information.  

The disconnection to employees through communications escalates company costs in employee hiring and retention, and sales and performance. (FORBES) The unseen costs to a poor communication platform is the misinterpretation of the overall company goals and beliefs. Nowhere is this more apparent than in retail. When the owners of the company don’t  communicate with the employees that are interacting with the clients, they lose understanding of who their client is and what they are wanting.

Prior to adding a digital signage communication platform, companies need to consider the ongoing digital signage content work that will be a part of implementing a system.  The long term success of the system is determined by the commitment to the content.

Left unattended, it becomes stagnant, outdated and irrelevant. Monitors become large photo slideshows. Many companies are hiring digital marketing specialists, or digital designers specifically to manage and create digital signage content messaging.

10 Engagement Attractors for Employee Digital Signage

  1. Weather
  2. Dynamic designs
  3. Video
  4. Set Limits
  5. Interactive
  6. Call to action
  7. Schedule
  8. Pinpoint Message
  9. Awards
  10. Frequent Updates

Infographic: 10 Engagement Attractors for Employee Digital Signage

Streamline Communications

Company digital signage brings together many different communications into one easy to use platform. It easily communicates a message to a large group of employees instantly. Communications that normally where published through many different types of communications are now in one secure platform. Digital signage can bring together information from a website, social media feeds or special reports into one engaging and clear message.

The use of touchscreens for interactive content let’s employees browse through enormous amounts of information in one location. Each user can focus on what is important to them.

Flexibility In Management

Arreya digital signage service allows for multi-level content management. Owners can restrict access to certain areas of the digital signage. Many different employees can login from anywhere and collaborate or manage parts or all of the digital content.

They can use Google G-Suite integration from Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Charts to automatically populate content information without ever accessing the Arreya channel.  

Make It Personal

Making your content a communication experience can save time and money within human resource, marketing and other company departments.  Less phone calls, emails and paperwork is needed when you have effective and engaging digital signage. Bring together information that’s popular and engaging, and use interactivity to provide personalization to your digital signage. Letting employees pick what interests them the most.

Digital signage can be used as a teaching tool. Employees can watch training videos or webinars and companies can track the number of people who sign in and watch. Arreya’s real time analytics let’s companies see who is on the site and what they are interacting with, giving a good overview of what is engaging employees and what digital content needs updating.

Digital signage bridges the digital and real world. The message is digital, but the monitors and devices exist where employee’s work. Giving them a complete connection to corporate culture.

Scalability of Enterprise Signage

There are many options for digital signage, but if you want to do more than show a slideshow on one monitor, the enterprise system is the best option for company digital signage. The flexibility found in the management and the online Arreya Creative Studio, which allows the user to create all of the digital content directly in the service, gives companies all the tools they need to efficiently implement digital signage through all the levels of their organization. Arreya channel pricing can be customized to any size application from 1 to 1000’s of devices without adding costs.

Arreya channels are easily adapted to interactive touchscreens and non-touch displays. Content can be created for portrait, landscape or video walls without splicing, turning or coding any of the information.

It is important that as a system grows, the easier and more automated it becomes. Pre-schedule content and fill information automatically from Google sheets or other live data sources.  Spend time planning communication strategies and have them ready to go or scheduled for certain times.

Adapting to a Changing Workforce

Companies that invest now in a digital signage system will see benefits for years. As companies grow and have global and younger workforces, Arreya digital signage is a cost effective way to communicate with business employees. Digital signage is easy to implement and update by logging into your Arreya account from anywhere to make instant updates to some or all of your channels of content everywhere they are located. Remotely pushing your content to your devices through cloud connections and caching on Chrome devices for stable and reliable digital signage.

Everyone is a consumer of the digital age. If ordering meals and food online or posting to social media, everyone is adapting to the new information age.  (WIRED)

Companies that want to grow will embrace the need for instant communications through different platforms. Digital signage is one platform many companies have added to their communication arsenal. The impact from digital signage on employee communications has been celebrated by many companies with the lowering of overall costs and higher productivity. The most powerful advantage is the positive impact on corporate culture.