Does your digital signage effectively deliver content that keeps the attention of your viewers? In today’s digital world simply playing static slideshow messaging gets ignored. You have less than 10 seconds to keep a viewers attention…so how does your content keep them continuously engaged. This is where a “Content Rich” display can make the impact you need. Content rich does not mean just lots of content, it actually refers to the idea that your software and apps power your signage itself with ever changing content that targets your audience, feels fresh and is relevant to trends happening. Ignoring the need for a content rich display software will only limit the effectiveness of your digital signage investment.

So it is important to understand what content apps and widgets are available for you to create and automate content within your digital signage software.  There is a large range of digital signage software applications that offer different levels of content creation flexibility.

  1. Basic slideshow functions – no app integration or individual sections
  2. Enterprise development – custom developed and costly updates
  3. Zoned content – specific content in specific spaces with no flexibility

If a content rich display is your goal then you will want to choose a signage software that offers built in widgets and apps to give you flexibility and keeps your display current while minimizing the daily demands on your time.

Arreya digital signage offers many widgets and apps ready to handle content by linking to many web based feeds available.

Content Rich Arreya Digital Signage Widgets that Add Impact:

Arreya Weather Widget Icon for Digital Signage

Weather – Everyone likes to know the forecast and this widget can offer today’s weather or a weekly forecast. Plus you can add multiple weather widgets to your screen to target any location of interest

Digital Sign List Eez Widget Icon

Event Listing – Make your sign relevant and a resource that offers event details. Link a Google calendar for daily, weekly or monthly events. Plus keeping it current is automated form and changes made  to the calendar file

Clock – Have current times and dates for quick reference and built in time zone awareness for screens around the world

digital signage rssRSS – Publish frequently updated information, such as news, blog entries, audio, video. RSS is also used to distribute podcasts

Twitter – Show a social connection with tweets from your account, users, or even public hashtags


digital signage countdownCountdown – A simple way to create anticipation or add importance to an upcoming event is by adding a counter – this can be used to promote, track progress, or add importance to an event

Youtube Video can be Played on Digital Signage DisplayYouTube – A great way to feed video onto your display through your own channel or create playlists to shuffle through multiple public videos. Plus you can even stream live videos to show news and upto the second activity

digital signage financial ticker

Financial Tickers – Create financial interest by adding any stock value or report to your display. This provides continuous change viewers will return to look for. Even create an entire stock ticker dashboard showing highs, lows, market changes

Metrics – A great way show performance and progress towards company goals, sales achievements, safety reports, and overall efficiency

Flight Information – With the ability to show flight information onto kiosks and displays even outside of the airport at hotels

digital signage rssLive Video – Signage can even show live events to capture attention from anyone not at the event. Connect to public feeds like weather cams, traffic cams


Flexibility is Key for Engaging Digital Signage Content

With so many content widgets available it is also important to be able to manage, plan and organize your content as you want it to display.  A flexible digital signage software like Arreya allows you to customize any layout with the content you need to support your digital goals. if you want a special widget, Arreya developers are available to discuss options. Having templates or free form pages that allow for customization is a must have feature. Being locked into limiting layouts will limit how effectively you can display rich content. One tip is not to overload your page with too many elements displayed at once. This will only turn away viewers with confusion because of the lack of focus. Instead, an effective design is one with a multi page feature that allows you to transition between content widgets so that each page stands out and speaks to your viewers. Arreya digital signage lets you manage pages with rich content that you can plan and schedule to play while rotating through widgets with timing and automated feeds for digital success.

“We are so happy with the design outcome. You did amazing!” –– Bickerstaff Parham

In the end your, employees, customers, and visitors don’t know or care about the digital hardware you have or the software that is running your system. They just want to see content they can relate to, content that is current, unexpected and focused specifically to them. If you can give them quality rich content your digital signage investment will be a success.