Calendar calendar

This release adds a new Google Calendar widget.  Using the new widget you can display scheduled events in day, week, or month views.  For touchscreens, the calendars are interactive and allow a user to tap the event for more information and navigation buttons allow a user to flip between views.

The widget data comes from Google Calendar.  Using Google Calendar you can easily add your existing iCal feed from services like Microsoft Exchange.  Once a calendar is published, simply copy and paste the link into the calendar widget.


To get started with the calendar widget –

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Open your presentation in the editor
  3. Click ‘Widgets’
  4. Click ‘Calendar’
  5. Paste your calendar URL and choose the appropriate options


To find your Google Calendar address follow these instructions –

  1. On a computer, open Google Calendar
  2. In the top right, click Settings > Settings
  3. Open the Calendars tab
  4. Click the name of the calendar you want to share
  5. In the Calendar Address section, click the ICAL button
  6. A window with your calendar’s public web address will appear
  7. Copy the link

Source: Google Support


Connection Test Utility

This release also adds a connection test utility.  This was created to help self-diagnose potential network issues that will prevent Arreya content from being displayed or edited.  If you have issues displaying content or uploading content we recommend starting here.

connection test 8-3

For more information see our follow up post about common network issues and tests you can run.


Additional fixes and features in this release

  • Added a setting to mute videos in the editor.  By default audio is now muted in the editor but will play in the client application.  You can change this setting by clicking the settings icon in the editor and turning off mute.
  • Changed slide sorter dialog actions to require less clicks for common use
  • Added the ability to create & edit slideshows in the editor.  Now when you go to add a slideshow widget you can choose to edit an existing slideshow or create a new one.
  • Added basic support for “Add to homescreen” so mobile devices can add an icon to the homescreen that displays content full screen – without installing an app
  • Added the ability to control slideshow transition speed
  • Added a “Scale to fit” option for slideshows & galleries
  • Fixed an issue with slide timeout always using the default value
  • Fixed issues with slideshow / gallery resizing and display
  • Fixed an issue with slideshow autoplay on nested interactives
  • Fixed an issue with the weather widget not displaying the region or country name