Multiple Screen Signage and Digital Display WallsIt Might Cost You If You’re Not Careful

Shopping for the right digital signage software becoming a nightmare? One minute you’re impressed with what the signage will do, and the next you are are discouraged by the price to manage all 25 or your displays. The monthly fees look acceptable until you read the fine print.

Beware the Digital Signage Software Loopholes

Proprietary Hardware Sticks it to Ya

Many companies create digital signage players that are proprietary to their company and only works with their software. By the time you spend $200-$800 each player, and add  a player to every screen that you have running content, the equipment cost to get started is prohibitive. If you can afford the hardware expense, when you get the screens running after such an investment, you just hope that everything works seamlessly, because you are already in too deep to switch companies, and can’t use the equipment for anything else.

Proprietary hardware is built to ensure that the software and the screen work together to show your display. If the hardware is outdated, and they upgrade software, you may have to replace your hardware to make sure the platform continues to work.

You don’t need a media player to make content for digital signage when you subscribe to Arreya Digital Signage Suite. The developers of Arreya Digital Signage Suite, wrote the software to take care of all the update, and  out-date issues that you have with proprietary hardware.  You can use most smart TV’s or computer monitors, tablets and phones to show your Arreya content directly from your subscription.

You can add a Chromebit or Chromebox for the best experience and cache content for when your internet connection is down. For better control of displays, add Chrome Device Management along with Arreya and you can manage all your digital signage content and hardware remotely.

Cost Per Screen vs. Channel Pricing

A cost per screen payment structure may be great if you have one screen to display digital signage on, but if you have 3 or more screens the costs can quickly get out of control.  If your organization is relying on signage for communications, rather than building ROI, it may not make sense to pay per screen.

For instance, hospitals and schools are great places for digital signage, but the signs won’t make more money. In this case, spending more money per screen may not be feasible. With Arreya Digital Signage Suite, if you are showing the same content on multiple devices, you only pay one monthly subscription fee for a channel.

Lack of Tech Support Leaves You Hanging

If you are paying monthly fees for your signage, you want a great looking display that works most of the time, and is easy to manage. If you need help troubleshooting your digital signage and the digital signage company you are using is unresponsive, you will spend a lot of time trying to fix what may be simple, or may need fixing at the software level. Arreya techs will always make sure your issues are solved, whether it is on our end, or making suggestions about what your own IT department may do to affect your display.

Signage Design and Management Imbalance

It seems like if digital signage has an intuitive management platform, the design editor is complex – or the opposite is true. You want beautiful signage that is created easily and set live in seconds, and that is what we strive to achieve. When you subscribe to Arreya Digital Signage Suite, you don’t need an IT person and a graphic designer both on the project. You just need somebody who can design and is computer literate to make great signage displays.

Arreya was created by the end user for the end user. It brings together all the tools you need to create dynamic digital signage. No other software does this like Arreya. The platform is so comprehensive and intuitive that we decided to offer it to other sign companies, electronic hardware companies and managed solutions providers on a partner basis. It’s digital signage software that just makes sense.

For more information about using Arreya in your organization or becoming a partner, contact us at 319-294-6671.