Easy Slideshow Feature For Digital Signs

Scrolling Slideshows for Arreya Digital Signage


Add photos and video to your digital signage display with the Slideshow Widget, an included feature on Arreya software. You can add photos and video with ease on the visual editor. The best part – you can see exactly what your display will look like in the editor.

Quick Steps – How to Create a New Slideshow With Ease

  1. From your Dashboard go to [Content] -> [Slideshows]
  2. To create a new slideshow, click [+ New Slideshow]
  3. Name your slideshow and add a description if desired
  4. Click [Create] to continue
  5. The slideshow should now be present in the slideshow list
  6. To edit the name or description, click [Edit] under the actions column
  7. To populate the slideshow, click [Slides]
  8. Click [+ Add Slide] to select media, images or video, from your media
  9. Click [+ Add Media] to add media from your computer to your Arreya media folder
  10. Click once on each media file you would like to add to the presentation, they should highlight yellow
  11. Once you have selected all the content, click [Add Slide] near the top of the window
  12. You can now drag and re-order the slides by clicking and dragging with your mouse
  13. Arreya automatically saves, so just click the [x] to close the slideshow editor

Quick Steps – How to Easily Edit Your Arreya Slideshows

  1. From your Dashboard go to [Content] -> [Presentations]
  2. Click edit next to the presentation you would like to change
  3. Click [Widgets] from the top of the screen then click [Slideshows] from the drop-down
  4. Select the desired slideshow from the drop-down list and select the desired options
  5. Click [Ok] to continue
  6. The new widget will appear in the middle of the presentation
  7. The widget can now be moved, resized, or edited just like any other widget
  8. Click and drag the center of the widget to move the widget
  9. Click and drag an edge or corner to resize the widget


For additional issues and support and features, check out our Slideshows blog, or email us.