10 Reasons to Use Digital Signage in Donor Recognition

10 Reasons to Use Digital Signage in Donor Recognition

  1. Versatility – Digital signage can blend with the display that surrounds it, or be a stand-alone piece.
  2. Immediate Updates – You can add new names to your digital donor display in seconds. Even if you plan to add the name to a physical donor wall, it buys you time to make updates every 6-12 months.
  3. Cost Effective – Once the hardware and software is in place, you can make changes to the display without any further expenses.
  4. Recognize More People – If you want to list $5-$10 donations there is nothing stopping you. All you have to do is add the name to the digital list versus having donor plaques manufactured.
  5. Get Creative – Your digital donor display can be as simple, or as creative and complex as you want to make it. That depends on the design skills of the people maintaining the display, or if you have the initial design created professionally.
  6. Tell a Story – Iowa Methodist implements Arreya for an Organ and Tissue Donor Recognition Wall, and they use the digital signage component to tell the stories of more than 70 heros. Donor stories can easily be added to digital display.
  7. Interactive Displays – Draw visitors into your display with buttons and pages that they can explore, while telling the story of your mission and cause. Allow them to interact with the touchscreen display and learn more about why they should donate.
  8. Increase Donations – On the spot donations can be made with digital kiosks. Credit card processing or pledge forms to be filled out instantly or a link can be emailed to visitors.
  9. Increase Engagement – By adding videos, social media and award announcements you increase the visitor counts to your donor wall. Periodic updates keep the content fresh and ensure recurring visits from prospective donors.
  10. It’s Easy – If you find the right digital signage platform, making and publishing changes is just a click of a few buttons.


BYOD Bridges Communication Gap for Corporations

BYOD Bridges Communication Gap for Corporations

Digital Signage Saves Time and Money

Bruce Melick, Vice President of Finance/IT for Linn Star Transfer

The need to keep employees who are on the road, traveling or working from home informed with the latest company information, leaves many companies in a bind, but Arreya offers the perfect answer for BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) digital communications.

One company utilizing Arreya is Linn Star Transfer, a national delivery and installation company. Linn Star has streamlined communications, human resources, and even compliance training for truckers by adding television screens in their conference rooms and iPhones for over-the-road drivers.

Increased Adoption of Employee Owned Devices Being Used

In 2016, it is estimated that 38% of companies allowed company information to be accessed on personal devices. By 2018, it is expected that 70% of professionals will conduct business on their personally owned smart devices, nearly doubling BYOD use in just 2 years.

Arreya was developed specifically with the BYOD platform in mind. Companies that needed an affordable way to communicate and market with the growing digital trend, but could not afford to change the infrastructure of devices they were already using at their offices or wanted to add digital signage for the first time.

Communications Was a Problem For Transport Company

Linn Star Transfer is a company that offers delivery and installation services across the national for such companies as GE. Having drivers spread across the United States, the company, previous to integrating Arreya, was sending an HR employee to the drivers, or have them gather in central locations to watch training videos and update them on the newest human resources policies.

Linn Star Communicates Across the Country

  • 233 Employees
  • 130 Independent Contractors
  • 16 Locations

Arreya Digital Brings the Solution to Employees Anywhere

Linn Star created a private Arreya channel that is only viewed by employees through a password protected website. The channel was activated more than 3 years ago, and has proven to be a versatile mode of communication for the company.

Many Uses for BYOD Solutions:

  • Human resource policy updates instantly
  • Training videos to keep employees informed or compliant with regulations
  • Calendar of events or deadlines
  • Paperless employee communication without bombarding workers with emails

BYOD is a Cost-Savings Option

According to Bruce Melick – Vice President of Finance/IT at Linn Star Transfer, “the company’s Arreya subscription has absolutely been a cost-saving piece of their technology.” Upgrading internal office signage without buying expensive proprietary screens or devices, and allowing employees and independent contractors access to information at the tip of their fingers has been beneficial in saving valuable time and resources.

Whether you have 20 employees or 20,000, Unlike other digital signage suppliers that use proprietary hardware that charge per device, Arreya is ready  to connect and inform through the BYOD platform, at no extra cost. As a company, you cannot buy each of your employees signage players or proprietary devices. However, you are likely investing in laptops, cellular phones or tablets for the employees who work outside of the office anyway, and they can be used to share information with BYOD solutions.

Employees and Companies Benefit from Using BYOD

On a worldwide scale, employees like using a single device for personal and corporate purposes, and productivity goes up when companies offer that option. If employees can flip seamlessly to a work alerts and emails to personal business, they tend to spend more time on work, and productivity increases. In fact, studies have shown that workers who use a single device for work and personal use end up working an extra 30 minutes per day on average (that’s 600 minutes per month.) However, they don’t notice the extra hours put in because they are more connected to family and social circles while they work.

Protecting Security of Company Information

With employees using their own devices, there are always security issues if your company information is on a non-secure site. With Arreya, you can set up usernames and passwords for employees who access the information on personal computers and cellphones. This protects your private or proprietary information, while allowing employees the freedom to work from anywhere. It also tracks who is logging in and how long.

BYOD is Everywhere

With Arreya – you bring your own device, and simply provide a link to your display, and employees can view the latest messaging on their tablet or cellphone at home, in the airport, or anywhere. Your signage display can also be managed from any computer, anywhere, making it possible for changes to be made in an instant.

If you have questions about Arreya Digital Signage Suite, contact us at 319-294-6671.

Shopping For Digital Signage Software?

Shopping For Digital Signage Software?

Multiple Screen Signage and Digital Display WallsIt Might Cost You If You’re Not Careful

Shopping for the right digital signage software becoming a nightmare? One minute you’re impressed with what the signage will do, and the next you are are discouraged by the price to manage all 25 or your displays. The monthly fees look acceptable until you read the fine print.

Beware the Digital Signage Software Loopholes

Proprietary Hardware Sticks it to Ya

Many companies create digital signage players that are proprietary to their company and only works with their software. By the time you spend $200-$800 each player, and add  a player to every screen that you have running content, the equipment cost to get started is prohibitive. If you can afford the hardware expense, when you get the screens running after such an investment, you just hope that everything works seamlessly, because you are already in too deep to switch companies, and can’t use the equipment for anything else.

Proprietary hardware is built to ensure that the software and the screen work together to show your display. If the hardware is outdated, and they upgrade software, you may have to replace your hardware to make sure the platform continues to work.

You don’t need a media player to make content for digital signage when you subscribe to Arreya Digital Signage Suite. The developers of Arreya Digital Signage Suite, wrote the software to take care of all the update, and  out-date issues that you have with proprietary hardware.  You can use most smart TV’s or computer monitors, tablets and phones to show your Arreya content directly from your subscription.

You can add a Chromebit or Chromebox for the best experience and cache content for when your internet connection is down. For better control of displays, add Chrome Device Management along with Arreya and you can manage all your digital signage content and hardware remotely.

Cost Per Screen vs. Channel Pricing

A cost per screen payment structure may be great if you have one screen to display digital signage on, but if you have 3 or more screens the costs can quickly get out of control.  If your organization is relying on signage for communications, rather than building ROI, it may not make sense to pay per screen.

For instance, hospitals and schools are great places for digital signage, but the signs won’t make more money. In this case, spending more money per screen may not be feasible. With Arreya Digital Signage Suite, if you are showing the same content on multiple devices, you only pay one monthly subscription fee for a channel.

Lack of Tech Support Leaves You Hanging

If you are paying monthly fees for your signage, you want a great looking display that works most of the time, and is easy to manage. If you need help troubleshooting your digital signage and the digital signage company you are using is unresponsive, you will spend a lot of time trying to fix what may be simple, or may need fixing at the software level. Arreya techs will always make sure your issues are solved, whether it is on our end, or making suggestions about what your own IT department may do to affect your display.

Signage Design and Management Imbalance

It seems like if digital signage has an intuitive management platform, the design editor is complex – or the opposite is true. You want beautiful signage that is created easily and set live in seconds, and that is what we strive to achieve. When you subscribe to Arreya Digital Signage Suite, you don’t need an IT person and a graphic designer both on the project. You just need somebody who can design and is computer literate to make great signage displays.

Arreya was created by the end user for the end user. It brings together all the tools you need to create dynamic digital signage. No other software does this like Arreya. The platform is so comprehensive and intuitive that we decided to offer it to other sign companies, electronic hardware companies and managed solutions providers on a partner basis. It’s digital signage software that just makes sense.

For more information about using Arreya in your organization or becoming a partner, contact us at 319-294-6671.

New Digital Signage for Old Airport Kiosk

New Digital Signage for Old Airport Kiosk

New Digital Signage - Rock Island Arsenal Kiosk

That old signage or outdated kiosk might need a little facelift to transport it into this decade. Presentations, Inc. and their software, Arreya Digital Signage Solutions, recently breathed new life into the Rock Island Arsenal Kiosk at the Quad Cities Airport while keeping the bones of the display in tact. A lot has changed in both areas of signage in the past 10 years – design and technology. The addition of digital signage or better digital signage capabilities into your display will be eye-catching and invite interaction from visitors. Check out the full digital display.

Arreya Partner, Upstream of Rock Island, IL, brought this challenge to us. Learn more about Upstream.

Larger Screens With Touch Capabilities and More

Click to check out the full kiosk display.

Kiosk screen technology has made strides since 2007 when the Rock Island Arsenal kiosk was first built. Back then, any small screen would draw visitors to interact. It was something not every display incorporated. Now people expect interactive devices of all sizes at their fingertips.

Originally, a small interactive screen was placed at each end of the Rock Island Arsenal kiosk . 3 years ago, Presentations upgraded the players to a newer digital signage media player and software, but they were often unreliable and eventually stopped working altogether.

At this point it was time for a complete signage makeover. Working within the initial structure, Presentations removed the small monitors from the ends and added 42″ portrait touchscreens to the sides.

Content Management is Easier than Ever

The content for this display is created and managed through Arreya and the hardware is managed with Chrome Device Management. Now that the digital signage templates and content are available, it is updated by the client and is fully interactive with videos, live feed and history information about Rock Island Arsenal. There is so much amazing content and so many interactive components that can be used in digital signage, and Arreya makes it easy with widgets and an intuitive design editor. There is no need for coding on this platform.

Chrome Device Management – Insurance that Displays Will Work

Arreya Digital Signage Suite is a Google Cloud Partner. It’s platform works perfectly with all Chrome devices and the hardware meets all of the expectations for content creation (even touchscreen capabilities,) handles information from the cloud seamlessly, and offers Chrome Device Management (CDM). CDM allows devices health to be monitored and sends messages when devices are down, all while you manage all of your devices from one central computer or account.

Change is Inevitable, No Matter the Industry

Just like the Rock Island Arsenal has documented military arsenal changes throughout history, digital signage has changed significantly in the short 10 years since this project originated. Until you look back at projects like Rock Island Arsenal, you don’t realize how much technology and signage design have matured.

If your company or organization has an old kiosk or digital signage that needs a facelift and some fresh digital solutions, contact us at 319-294-6671.